Bloom's : hurray for stylish flowers!

Flowers Bouquet Bloom's

Here is the buzzing « flower-power » curiosity! We have named Bloom’s, the contemporary florists that distillate the wonderfully poetic and stylish flowers that makes us dream on Instagram. For sure a great way to pimp up your flat with bucolic touch!

Imagined like a real flower market, Bloom's delivers seasonal flowers, freshly picked in France. A shoot of fashion delicacy as we like it!

In other words: the ideal mother’s day gift for trendy Mums as well as the eternal classics …

The must? Flowers are delivered in super chic boxes, like stem jewelry. So just compose your own bouquet according to your taste and inspiration in DIY mode.  A super simple but soooo sophisticated…

We adore: their furiously trendy corner at BHV  to  concoct you own bouquet to go home with.

Starting at 25€ per box on

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