A really magical bakery in the Marais

Boulangerie Nicolas Flamel

Boulangerie Nicolas Flamel, does this name ring a bell? Normal, it recalls the legend of a 14th century intellectual Parisian, who inspired the first Harry Potter novel, and was known for transforming any kind of metal into gold. There is magic in the air…

Nestled in the Marais, right near the historical house where the famous alchemist really lived, this new bread baking oven is also producing pure nuggets. A fabulous tourte de meule signed with flour (€5), an incredible bread with olives (€2.65), salad of taboulé/salmon/quinoa (€5.50), chaussons aux pommes, brioche feuilletée (€2.30 ), vanilla and cinnamon custard, strawberry tart…

croissant nicolas flamel

A clever mix between the art of good French bread and the Lebanese origins of chef Alan Geaam, already at the helm of Auberge Nicolas Flamel, AG les Halles and his starred restaurant Alan Geaam.

Must taste: the croissant with zaatar, already cult and the bewitching  flûte bread with sumac and zaatar, sprinkled with a mix of typical Middle-East spices.

The plus ? Stand up counters so you can gulp down right there the chicken sandwich … grilled on the spot  (€4.90) and a Paris-Brest with roasted Cajun nuts. Yummy.

nicolas flamel pain

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm.

Also check out the new pastry shop of Cédric Grolet.

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Where to find it?

Boulangerie Nicolas Flamel

34 Rue de Montmorency

75003 Paris

01 45 87 01 20


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