Brunch and burger-party at Schwart’z Deli

Schwartz S Deli

Imagine an authentic delicatessen with a furiously retro diner look:  a long row of red banquettes in vintage faux-leather and small white tables where local hipsters love to come hang out as a group or  on a family outing for  a friendly brunch in the lines of a US style diner.

In short, a setting that reminds one of the best kosher New York cantinas where you come for a super Caesar Salad (14€), real macaroni  & cheese (12€), a veal pastrami sandwich that is to die for (19€) or their wide choice of eggs on the  brunch menu. Special kudos to their eggs Benedict and Florentine (19€). For dessert: a terrific cheese-cake, Oréo milk-shake and a chocolate-cake, we are not saying any more. (7,50€).

We like: the XXL burgers (from 12 to 17€) really eclectic aside from the classic, a veggie for twigs (potato pancakes + arugula + cream cheese + tomato topping) or the seasonal “forestier” (ground meat + cream of parmesan +  oil of truffle and panned mushrooms).

Open everyday from noon to 11pm.

Where to find it?

Schwartz’s Deli

16, rue des Ecouffes

75004 Paris

01 48 87 31 29

Saint-paul (le Marais) Saint-paul (le Marais)

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