The 100% veggie brunch of Yumi

Indoor ambience and goat cheese sandwiches, mushrooms, kale and red cabbage, quinoa salad with hummus and mimosa egg, roasted pumpkin and tahini, apple topped with salted butter caramel and homemade Yumi Brunch granola

For the past 5 years the Yumigang is taking care of our deficiency in vegetables with freshly squeezed organic juices, super rich in nutrients and vitamins. The green brand is keeping the momentum going with a super healthy veggie brunch served on Sunday in its two Parisian juice bars.

The place

Yumi juices go straight from the icebox to the table. At the flagship of Rue du Château d’Eaua new cantina has been added since a few days in the 11th , installed on the same model, that is to say a take-away corner and a luminous dining room Klein blue tiling, Clockwork orange hanging fixtures, wood furniture and lots of vegetation.

Nice, Yumi also pilots the coffee-shop of Make My Lemonade at Canal Saint-Martin, which just underwent a renovation.

On the programme of treats

No room for freestyle when it comes to the brunch: imposed menu with a veggie formula at €22  which includes: a grilled cheese + a mini-bowl + oven baked vegetable + fruit of the moment + beverages.

The healthy and seasonal recipes change on a regular basis. Example? Sandwich with goat cheese, mushrooms, kale and red cabbage, salad of quinoa with houmous and egg mimosa, baked pumpkin and tahini, apple with salty caramel butter and house granola.

Of course all this comes with a hot beverage and a choice of fresh juice amongst the 11 house creations. The Morning Glory(carrot, pineapple, lemon, curcuma, mint) for a healthy glow, the No Stress (apple, fennel, red pepper, celery, beet, ginger) or La Fessée (pear, green cabbage, kale, broccoli, ginger, spirulina) for an upper after a difficult night. Just a few sips does the trick.

The added plus

If the menu does not suit you, nobody will be offended, there are many other alternatives, such as the Yumi Roll, a plump brioché bread garnished with crunchy vegetables sprinkled with eggs mimosa (€8.50). The novocado toast, a sustainable tartine guaranteed without avocado, replaced by cream of Cajun, marinated vegetables and feta (€10.50).

At the counter, impossible to resist the crunchy cookies (€3), the cranberry and orange blossom scones  or the apple and pumpkin cake.

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