French style frozen yogurt lands at Odéon


California Bliss. Its name sounds like a kiss from Malibu. Light, glossy, joyful and fun.  Yet, this divine “Frozen Yogourt” flagship is 100% Frenchy, born in Aix en Provence.

A small reminder for those who still ignored this fabulous concept born in California  that US gals wolf down with guiltless joy: a 0% ice mad with a skimmed milk to glamourize with toppings such as fruit and sweet treats.

The nouveau concept-store on rue de Buci is a small paradise for gourmet Parisiennes on a diet.

Behind the window : the signature frozen yogurt and 5 flavours of the moment, in keeping with the seasons (mandarine, vanilla, calisson, cheesecake, nut-chocolate, salty butter caramel, strawberry...  These light ice creams are to be enjoyed in many different ways: on a cone, in a pot, in a sandwich biscuit, pimped according to your whim with de lychee balls, granola, Oréo, candies, meringue, fresh fruit or spreads. Yum.

bliss odeon

We also like : the other healthy ops, but also smoothie bowls to eat right there on the terrace or walking along the streets of  Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

With Frozen Yogurt portions at € 3,50 we want more!


Open every day from 1:30pm to midnight.

Also discover Papa Boun, erotic brioches and the most glam and vegan afternoon tea in Paris.

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Where to find it?

California Bliss

10 rue de Buci

75006 Paris

01 43 29 92 75

Odeon Odeon

Mabillon Mabillon

Saint-germain Des Pres Saint-germain Des Pres

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