Le Comptoir du Ritz, the Parisian coffee-shop by François Perret

The comptoir du Ritz by François Peret

Among the new addresses that will mark this season, Le Comptoir du Ritz is one of the most anticipated food events near the Opera. And judging by the line at the opening, the ecstasy at the tasting and the excitement on social networks: we have not finished hearing about it ... Decryption of a phenomenon that is all good.

A Parisian coffee-shop

The Comptoir du Ritz coffe shop with pastries, sandwiches and drinks.

Finally, a setting was needed to match the creations of The Chef in a truck (Netflix) so that Parisians and foodies passing through could come and taste or leave with the delicacies of François Perret , pastry chef at the Ritz , at dinners in town.

It's now done with Le Comptoir du Ritz… Because it's not a simple pastry shop located on 38 rue Cambon that the legendary palace has just opened hand in hand with its sweet chef. But a real independent coffee-shop and unique in its kind, which allows to appropriate the new codes of pop luxury with that Parisian couture touch that sticks to the skin of the palace in the Place Vendôme . On the spot, to take away or in click & collect to be sure to have “ booked ” the pastry of your dreams ...

Impossible to resist the temptation of this Ritz… to the cool! We see from here rue Cambon the whole Chanel clan stocking up for breakfast, fashion editors, DAs and other luxury gangs come to sit down for a chic lunch on the go or a sandwich ... Not to mention the news elegant on Saturdays for a snack before a ride on the merry-go-round or toboggan at the Tuileries, unless you leave with a cake or a pie to spoil (and show off) friends who have invited you to dinner .

Pop creations and signature desserts by François Perret

The François Perret pastries.

These contemporary latte cups bear witness to this, a sign of recognition that is both pop and chic in the neighborhood. To sip with a straw-spoon: the star pastries of François reviewed and visited in very gourmet drinks. It gives a marbled or a madeleine to drink, which combine the smoothness of fresh milk, a whipped cream with the texture of a cloud, a dash of caramel and a topping added at the last minute for the crunchy touch : toasted almond, marbled biscuit powder and cocoa crumble or sweet dough powder and nougatine pieces. The vegan alternative to vegetable milk in “ raspberry tray ” mode will be a must for gourmets looking for lactose-free kifs (€ 9).

The pastries beverages of Comptoir du Ritz in Paris.

In the windows: impossible to resist the signatures which make the international aura of François Perret. Starting with its classics: the wild strawberry cheesecake, the marbled cake ... And depending on the season: the extraordinary strawberry tart, the mille-feuille or the new star dessert!

Impossible to resist his travel madeleines, the ultimate snobbery to offer (or to serve with coffee) sold in peach jewelry boxes, historic color of the Ritz, and stamped with illustrations of the stars who made the myth of the palace: César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier !

Savory: the 2.0 sandwich according to François Perret

The Salmon and club sandwiches at the Comptoir du Ritz in Paris.

Kiraz designed them slender, elegant in all circumstances and always on a diet. As if to stick to the fantasized sylph silhouette of Parisiennes, François Perret has redesigned the silhouette of his sandwiches!

After the Rykiel du Flore club without bread or mayo: long live the 2.0 sandwich! His signature light? We do not take anything away: we balance. The inversion of the proportions of a classic sandwich for a tenfold pleasure: with ⅔ of filling for only ⅓ of bread and a perfect flaky bread (without crumbs) to hold in hand and in the mouth, without getting everywhere. The advantage is not less!

Concretely: we find all the ingredients for the perfect sourcing of gastro… in a sandwich (13 €)! Romaine salad, chicken, candied tomatoes and anchovies in a flaky bread to stay true to the iconic Caesar salad . Horseradish cream, smoked salmon, arugula, lemon segments and smoked salmon in a buckwheat sandwich bread. And for the vegan: a foccacia with pickled vegetables, beetroot sauce, small curly and goji berries ...

Same spirit for the pastries, the format of which is identical to the sandwich and has been designed to be enjoyed without crumbling… or quite simply to be shared without spoiling. An ultimate must (between € 3 and € 3.50).

Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

© Bernhard Winkelmann

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