Concierge Parisien: the uber of “Personal Assistants”

Crea Bridget

If your agenda is already fully booked for January (guy, brunch and happy hour included) and at the slightest change, it’s total panic: we have the solution that is finally going to make your status of overbooked Parisienne compatible with the cool and slow life gal.

Stop fretting… Le Concierge Parisien is in charge. What’s the story? A kind of Personal Assistant who handles all your concerns on the spot.

Remember how Anne Hathaway managed every little detail for Meryl Streep in The Devil wears Prada? Well it’s the same thing! Just hit the red button by smartphone, text and your problems are behind you. 100€ per month for a virtual secretary, amazing, no?

Concretely: a burst water pipe. They send you a plumber within the hour. Need a last minute babysitter? Mary Poppins shows up on your door step. In the mood for a little love revival in Venice? They will scout the most stylish Airbnb at affordable prices.

Train tickets, a sports coach at home for a decent price, a waxing in your house on Sunday afternoon, a reservation in a leading bistro, tickets for London, a motorcycle taxi for Orly on the day of a Uber strike? You do the thinking, they do the walking.

You wish to test the service before adopting it? Try a one shot for 40€.

Concierge Parisien, starting at 100 euros per month. All the info on

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