The favourite new bag of parisiennes

Petite Mendigote Jeu Concours Dec 2018

My first is the indispensable accessory of the Parisienne.

My second contains my entire life: keys, wallet, makeup, Navigo pass. And why not more.

My third is small, rigid, black, in suede, studded, and has a very elegant round metallic handle.

My whole is the name of a cult group in the Seventies...

Gimme, gimme, gimme, the ABBA model of fashionistas’ favourite label in the capital: Petite Mendigote. A highly desirable and couture bag, to be taken along to the office or for drinks on a heated terrace.

We can visualise it right now: both rock ’n roll and a sure value, carried by hand or with a shoulder strap, it will look terrific with your new  long beige coat, a Winter perfecto blouson, stylish sneakers, or topped off by a heavy cashmere scarf in a stunning colour.

In short, we all want this ABBA it-bag by Petite Mendigote— the new wardrobe essential.

And since we are always trying to please you, this special game-contest has been organized so you can win a fetish bag.

Just fill out the form, in only a few clicks, it might be yours. And we are quite sure that you will call it your “new baby.

Good luck! And may the strength of the it-bag be with you.

Contest over

ABBA small format Cow Split bag, Petite Mendigote, value €160.

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