Cookie paradise: Scoop me a cookie

Valrhona Chocolate Cookies, Organic Flour, AOC Butter, Piedmont Hazelnuts from Boutique Scoop Me A Cookie

Better be warned: you can say goodbye to your pre-bathing suit diet that you began a couple of weeks ago. A simple pit-stop at « Scoop me a cookie » is going to take you straight back to your Winter habits.

How that? This cookie factory (laboratory and boutique) has just opened its doors a skip and hop from Perchoir. Laura, the baker and founder of the concept had been striving for three years at elaborating THE perfect cookie recipe. It was worth the wait…

We like: being able to order on line and picking up the cookies right there, so we can walk off our guilt.

We adore: hesitating for hours between the Give Me More (gianduja Valrhona and caramelized nuts from the Piedmont), the «Je veux un câlin »( Jivara milk chocolate), and the« Back to basics » (three Valrhona chocolates), to finally decide you only live once and buy all three.

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Where to find it?

Scoop me a Cookie

7 rue Crespin du Gast

75011 Paris

01 73 74 28 90

Menilmontant Menilmontant

Couronnes Couronnes

Rue Saint-maur Rue Saint-maur

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