What about the new restaurant of Jean-Edern Hurstel ?

Restaurant Edern

Spotted in Top Chef, after a stint at the Peninsula ovens and a noticed escapade to Dubai, Jean-Edern Hurstel inaugurates Edern, his first personal venue in the Champs-Elysées district. A quick look?

A resolutely festive new personal table

The era of dining rooms with scrubbed walls paying homage to root vegetables has gone by the wayside. Jean-Edern Hurstel has set forth his new address in the trendy of festive and confident addresses (Froufrou, Uma Nota). Result:  a super contemporary decor, punctuated by famous street-artists, a cocktails bar and a DJ who sends out swinging tunes from his cabin in the middle of the restaurant. You said stylish?

A no-complex bourgeois cusine

Faithful to his Alsatian origins, the chef does not hold back. Translation:  his cooking is generous and his plates well garnished. The culinary show begins with delicious tapas to be shared: cromesquis of goat cheese and a honey vinaigrette au, (€9) crispy langoustines (€13) around a house cocktail (€19), followed by an exceptional Simmental beef served with caramelized onions (€21).

Our heart throbs ? The melt-in-the-mouth milk-fed veal chop with its macaroni and cèpes mushrooms (€59 ), the lobster in a crustacean sauce and linguine (€64). Special kudos for the pike quenelle, inspired by the recipe of his culinary mentor, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Claude Legras.

Not-to-be-missed: the poire Belle Hélène, a sure value (€15).

A speakeasy for a nightcap

A cigar cellar and a secret bar await you in the cellar, to continue the evening or drop by for a nightcap.

Also check out Joia, the new restaurant of Hélène Darroze and Baieta, the restaurant de Julia Sedefdjian.

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