The healthy cantina of hungry parisiennes

Exki Healthy cantina, spring rolls and terrace of the restaurant in a garden in Paris

Eating well” to be filled with energy. Staying super slim to look tops all summer long in a bathing suit … And all this without starving, nor finishing totally frustrated…is this possible?

Challenge accepted!

Stylish and secret terraces for lunch

Wonderful spring rolls and colourful salads are no longer the monopoly of fashion runways caterings. EXKi have spread the work as apostles of healthy comfort food so that les Parisiennes can enjoy local and vegetal eats.

To make this offer even more attractive, 10 adorable terraces can be found all over Paris with the possibility of using Wifi or gossiping with the gals.

The must? The secret terrace on Rue de Berri is a must-go.

Spring rolls and cheesecakes

Real obsession of the season, vegan spring rolls with rice noodles, raw veggies, pansy flowers, red curry are all part of the EXKi products. A must-eat to wolf down without any guilty feelings.

Another joy of summer: the amazing salty cheesecakes: carrot-cumin and tomato-black olives. Gourmet? Yes! Tops? All the way. The added plus? They are 40 % less caloric than a classic quiche. You can have as much as you want this summer! Just like the Energy salads, the ideal association between leguminous plants, vegetables and crunchy seeds ... A small example: the Sierra Nevada with houmous of tomatoes, organic and Belgian green lentils, courgettes, dried tomatoes and almonds.

Minute drinks just like those in l.a. coffee-shops

It’s the snobbish “drink” all the Parisiennes are wild about. EXKi has launched a range of super fresh drinks mixed on the spot—super desirable and filled with vitamins. Just like in the trendy coffee-shops of California, you can choose a frappé or a vegan latte filled with superfood. It’s prepared right there and served immediately.

Our favourites? Real super detox freshly squeezed veggie juices, the Pina Coco made with pineapple, organic coconut milk and fresh mint, a good matcha or the Fruit&Tea watermelon, hammam tea, mint.

Discover all the EXKi cantinas in Paris

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