Phenomenon: green friday appeals to environmentally friendly fashionistas

The Black in Green Friday with Gold Of The World, emotion stir, The Boy, Jamini, Good Maw

A relatively recent phenomenon in France, the next Black Friday will take place on Friday the 29th of November. While the war machines of mass consumerism are on the ready to lower the price of their products one month before Christmas, a counter-movement is preparing the resistance…

Green is the new black

This year in particular, many eco-responsible brands and Parisian boutiques (émoi émoi,La Garçonnière, Jamini, Bonne Gueule…) will be committing themselves to a “Green Friday”, in opposition to consumer overkill that is not really eco-friendly.

The idea? Proving that commitment and know-how are the new symbols of cool, during a Friday like all the others, quite simply! And since quality has a cost that cannot be sold off, quite naturally the issue is to relearn how to enhance the fixation of a right price all year long. Fashonistas who abide by slow fashion will naturally be involved.

The commitment of or du monde

green jewelery in recycled gold of Or Du Monde

Amongst these labels as committed as they are desirable, the green jewellery in recycled gold of OR DU MONDE will be partaking on Friday the 29th of November in a #lessismore day that does not undercut the right prices.

 tote bag designed by illustrator Catherine Cordasco

Pegged to this resolutely feel good green Friday, the eco-conscious jewellery brand will be offering for any purchase an adorable tote-bag imagined by illustrator Catherine Cordasco, in a fanciful universe inspired by nature, quite naturally conveying the spirit of Green Friday. 

Result? Each OR DU MONDE client will go home with their small lemur under the arm, a wonderful piece of jewellery in recycled gold and the satisfaction of having made a sustainable purchase. Thank God it’s (green) Friday!

Rendezvous in the boutiques and on

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