Hank, the light and healthy burger

Far from being just another Parisian burgers spot, Hank stands out in several ways.

Go for fast food « green ». From the buns to the trimmings including the steak (a mix of soya proteins, red bean, carrots, fresh mushroom, shallot…), everything is veggie and organic.

No more far-flung recipes, here the is a one and only burger (with onions, pickle, germinated seed and oak leaf salad) to be twisted with a choice of four sauces: the spicy Catcheuse with mustard, the mushroom sauce for the Lumberjack, the cocktail sauce with Cognac for the Aristo and a refreshing tomato basil with Tata Monique.

No greasy fries as side, but a coleslaw or a seasonal salad (for us quinoa, parsnip, beet), with fresh fruit juice or a natural organic soda.

The advantage with such a healthy meal is that you can go bezerk with the desserts and it’s quite lucky since between the almost perfect cookie, the « chocolate delight » unctuous (silky tofu and chocolate emulsion) and desserts of the moment (crumble, lemon pie…) your head will spin.

A last surprise? The restaurant is sandwiched between massage cabins on the upper level and a sauna hidden in the basement, happiness therapy effect guaranteed.

Open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm

Burger+side+drink 9,90 €, dessert staring at 2 €

Where to find it ?

Hank restaurant bio

55, rue des Archives

75003 Paris

09 72 44 03 99


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