Hooray for girly pastry at Sugar Paris

Vive La Patisserie Girly Chez Sugar Paris

Imagine a big girly market with shelves 100% dedicated to our favorite treats that fans of cheesecake, religieuses and ultra sexy macaroons  will want to nibble on!

The concept: a three-day very very sweet rendezvous at the Parc Floral, where you can pick up all the trendy pastry accessories, the tutti quanti of foodie customization but also taste new  fashion  treats.  Yummy: soon to be ours vanilla frosting by Renshaw!

On the shelves: the most hip bento boxes by Joli Bento& Les Bonbecs including cake maestro creations (The Cake Shop) without counting the apron craze that has taken London by storm: Cherry Pie Couture.

Cool: all the sweet heroines are in the spotlight! Chloé S. whispers the secrets of her 50’s cupcakes   (Friday 4 April at 10:30am) and Laure Faraggi unveils « sweet table».

We adore: « The mini workshops of Livy » to learn how to make an edible flower in rice paper or a 100% royal sugar glazing all along the day !

Full rate: 8€ - Reduced rate: 6€

Friday 4 April to 6 April 2014 from 10am to 6pm

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