House cleaning ? Forget it

The housekeeping uber

If you are the type of person who always puts back hoovering to the next day, lets the dishes soak in the sink all week long, have a XXL pile of clothes on an armchair and wear non-ironed white shirts: open up your ears, we have found a white tornado just for you at a magical price.

Concretely, we would like to introduce you to Helpling, the UBER of house cleaning, that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Just wiggle your nose like Samantha in Bewitched, and book a time slot on Helpling in 3 clicks: a Bree Van de Kamp in Real Life will show up on your doorstep to clean, tidy, pamper your flat while you are off for a brunch of a movie—even and especially in the evening and on Sunday!

The price of paradise at home will cost you? 33.80€ to return to a more than perfect and super clean house, we are offering you 5€ per house cleaning session with the code DOIT15. In other words until the month of November: no more housecleaning for you.

You are not comfortable with leaving the keys of your flat? No panic, the housekeepers are as carefully selected as the staff of Downton Abbey.

Red tape phobics will be happy. Payment takes place on line without any paper work. And for those who pay income tax, you will receive a tax deduction form to add to your next return. Result? 1h of house cleaning = 9,95€ net. 50% discount. A real bargain.

15€ of house cleaning offered with the code DOIT15. Reserve

PS: And Paris is not the only place to be, Helpling also works in Lyon and soon BordeauxNantesToulouse and Lille.

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