The best Asian grocery store in Paris

Asian grocery store K-Mart rue Saint Anne in Paris

Is Asian food literally your passion? You dream of enjoying wonderful kawai candies ? Digging into onigiris just like in the Japanese mangas ? Having delicious gyozas in your icebox to unfreeze quickly for a great TV dinner tray ?

Look no further, the K-Mart, on Rue Sainte Anne, will be your favourite HQ… and judging by the crowd of Japanese and Koreans rummaging through the shelves of this incredible grocery store, this is the place for all the hard-to-find cult Asian products in Paris

On the programme of this Ali Baba tavern worthy of a manga: super soups, the famous sesame cream, spicy or oyster sauces, soja.... In terms of treats, wild candies, the famous red bean pancakes (doriaki) or multi-coloured mochis

And of course there you will also find  yuzu, ready-made curries, amusing sodas as well as gyozas and dim sums with kimchi, veggie, chicken or  pork—all absolutely divine… A must to organise a dinner off the beaten track.

We adore… the fresh butcher department, where they cut the meat in front of you, and offer ready-to-cook preparations for a Korean galbi-tang. On the fish front,  fresh onigris— kind of small stuffed rice sandwiches ( Yummy: tuna mayo ) without forgetting fresh raw fish cuts, just like in Tokyo.

Tooooops: it’s open on Sunday and late in the evening until 9pm.

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