Tiger Brigade: the Michelin nugget to test urgently

Brigade Du Tigre

The opening of the Tiger Brigade by the Eels team in the 10th district literally frightens the foodosphere: a precision of tastes rewarded by Michelin as a very promising young talent with its first Michelin gourmet BIB .

Do you have mouth water? The closure of restaurants does not prevent Adrien Ferrand , in tandem with Galien Emery , his bro and former second at Eels (just next door), from dealer click & collect Asian signature cuisine to spice up our confined meals with grace. Joy.

It must be said that we find in these bistronomic take-away plates (or delivery via UberEats ) the best tastes of Asia. Namely, spicy dishes, always twisted with broths or citrus fruits, ideally seasoned, in which connoisseurs will recognize the influence of William Ledeuil , Adrien's mentor (formerly Kitchen Galerie Bis ).

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plats de la Brigade du Tigre avec tendres sushis de cochon , fish cake sauce tartare , poitrine de cochon confite et laquée aux potirons , poulet karaage mayo piment , ceviche signature au curry vert , linguine à la bisque de homard et citron vert  et le désormais incontournable tataki de bœuf aux algues et raifort.

It took some, stays in Thailand and its fragrant broths, in Singapore and its opulent food courts, then China , Sri Lanka , Malaysia ... The two friends literally fed on these experiences in situ to upgrade the way of '' appreciate Asian gastronomy in France.

We want more: tender pig sushi (€ 10), fish cake with tartar sauce (€ 13), pork belly confit and lacquered with pumpkins (€ 30 for two people), chicken karaage with chili mayo (€ 14), signature ceviche with green curry (€ 15), linguine with lobster and lime bisque (€ 15.5) and the now essential beef tataki with seaweed and horseradish (€ 14).

Nice: the tiger has also thought of veggies / kosher / hallal which are fed up with the salad. We nibble at ease the grilled mushroom and potato ravioli which, magic, manage to remain crispy in their coconut milk bath (10 €), the leeks with miso vinaigrettes (7 €), the pointed cabbage grilled with combawa (€ 5) and the sweet potato and tofu red curry (€ 12).

Passion sticky rice and natural wines

Les desserts de La Brigade du Tigre avec le flan matcha - chocolat blanc, le sticky rice à la mangue et le cake coco caramel et cacahuètes

It's impossible to skip the desserts here. If the matcha - white chocolate flan turns out to be particularly silky (€ 5.5), we immediately rush to the mango sticky rice , so good that we would go around the bowl with our fingers to avoid nothing leave (5.5 €).

Another dessert to try once in a lifetime: the coconut caramel and peanut cake , meanwhile, will go perfectly with a mischievous black lychee ginger iced tea to make everything slide (3.5 €).

Needless to say, natural wine is king here (yum the sparkling Blanquette de Limoux , € 23) not to mention their sharp sakes.

Open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner, take-out order directly on site and on UberEats .

Also discover the best take-away burgers and 3 unexpected dishes to be delivered .

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Where to find it?

Brigade du Tigre

38 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

75010 Paris

01 45 81 51 56


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