The new biscuit maker that has taken Montmartre by storm

interior of the  la Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie shop

The tantalizing smell tickles the nostrils and makes tummies rumble, quite normal since a new batch of biscuits has just come out of the oven. And it’s like this all day long.

Recently opened on a quite side street of Montmartre, La Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie of pastry chef Gilles Marchal features old fashioned biscuits: spoon biscuits, langues de chat, chocolate chip cookies, baguettes feuilletées. The same old school biscuits that Granny religiously kept in metallic boxes. Here you fill up your sachet or box with your favorites by the weight.

We like: a wink to Paris gals with great packaging featuring legendary figures of Montmartre such as Nini Patte en l’air, La Goulue and Jeanne d’Avril. Collector.

Starting at 6,50€ per sachet.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm

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©Anne Emmanuelle Thion

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