The vegetal cantina that delights the twigs of Saint-Honoré

Veggie couscous of Le chantier restaurant in Paris

2020, the year for healthier eating? Less meat, seasonal vegetables galore, all without holding back, le Comptoir du Chantier skips from theory to practice with healthy eats big on vegetals in buffet style. You have no more excuses to “eat better.”

A great transition

Le Comptoir du Chantier is part of the gigantic and ambitious renovation project of Hôtel Normandy. Installed since a long time on the fashion artery, the establishment, which stays open during the construction work, is taking advantage of the ongoing lifting to open a healthy cantina, with a veggie trendy, accessible to all, in an authentic construction site decor carefully set forth by the decoration team: scaffoldings,signalisation panels, metal lunch boxes. And it just happens to be time for lunch.

A very sexy vegan-friendly buffet

We have good news for all the Flunch buffs, Le Comptoir du Chantier has taken over the good old buffet concept in a new anti junk food version. Translation, you pick your On the menu, delicious home cooked recipes of the day, concocted for their benefits and their nutritional qualities.

The result: courgette, spinach, potato, ginger with anti inflammatory assets; a salad of smoked herring, potato and beet filled with,Oméga 3, which protects the intestinal flora; a draining Thali salad with cucumber, black radish, red cabbage, kale, minto, mango, ginger.

Ingredients, benefits for the organism, everything is written on the tags like on a box of medication.But it’s out of the question to totally zap meat—the meat carpaccio is filled with iron and when you eat the tacos, you stock up on plein de proteins. Yum.

Zero guilt vegan pastries

Pastrie balade en garrigue from the restaurant Le comptoir du chantier in Paris

For dessert, it’s Oh Faon ! which is treating. The Vegan pastry shop from Marseilles supplies its best cakes free of any animal tracing, and for certain without gluten.

Special kudos for its “Balade en garrigue” using as base a rosemary mousse, praline of pine nuts, almond cream on a shortbread crust (€6.50) et le One Love, a special creation for Le Comptoir du Chantier whose secret is the ingredient… the CBD, a quick wink to Rehab, the cocktails clandestini cocktails bar hidden in the cellar, replacing alcohol by cannabidiol. A festive treat (€8) to enjoy with a house juice (€7.50).

Nice, the place doubles up as tea salon and co-working space the rest of the day.

Lunch formulas: started + dish or dish + dessert €17 - starter + dish +dessert  €21.50. Open from 7am to 11pm.

Also discover Gustu, the mediterranean hot house that is hidden in Stalingrad.

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