The haute couture kebab

In the upscale healthy street-food family, here is the star for the new season that answers to the soft name of «Grillé». Careful, we are warning you, this is a hard drug and totally addictive…

As you are aware, this gourmet venue is not a greasy shawarma sandwich shop. No… This place is totally design and immaculate white. Just imagine a very elegant factory from which you come out with a super French’ touch kebab.

Check out the gourmet show. Behind the counter, a young man is busy making bread under your very eyes, a divine thin organic spelt and wheat flat loaf. Meanwhile, the kebab specialist cuts thin slices of meat: milk-fed veal by Hugo Desnoyers (the VIP butcher of l’Elysée and 3 star venues) marinated in soya, saké, rosemary and fresh pink garlic. To enhance your sandwich: fresh mint (fab!) and salad. Choose between a divine white sauce (cottage cheese and horse radish) or the green sauce with tomato and green pepper.

The great addition; fresh fries made with love. To be washed down with a nice homemade lemonade or a peach juice from an orchard in the South of France.

The absolute must consists in finding your package of delights before nestling in the lovely square Louvois only 10 meters away. A highly street-chic lunch break.

Mon - Tues: 12am 4pm

Wed -Fri : 12am 9pm

Sat : 12am 6pm

Photo credit : Grillé Facebook page

Where to find it ?


15 rue Saint Augustin

75002 Paris

01 42 96 10 64

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