The haute couture kebab

The french kebar with milk-fed veal by Hugo Desnoyers,  marinated in soya, saké, rosemary and fresh pink garlic

A Parisian style kebab...Quite unbelievable ? Frédéric Peneau, a former associé of Inaki Aizpitarte at Chateaubriand, has tweaked this popular specialty with a first address that is buzzing near the Bourse. Good news: Grillé is doing it again with another successful spot at Montorgueil.

A new fast-good address

With Grillé, translation of “kebab” in French, Turkish street food is on its way up there. Not even fat! Here, there is no greasy food.

And it’s not fattening. The bread—an amazing galette with organic spelt and wheat— is made under the eyes of foodies. On top: a bouquet of fresh herbs—mint, coriandre, parsley —and thin slices of milk fed veal, cut on the spit and selected by Hugo Desnoyer, the V.I.P. butcher of the Élysée.

The seasoning of this deluxe t‘dwich is right on target: a divine white sauce with farmer cheese and raifort, or the green with tomato and green pepper. And for the extra hipster high: fresh fries, homemade lemonade and wonderful ice cream.

Open every day from noon to 10:30pm. Closed on Sunday

€9.20 per kebab. € 14 for the beverage formula.

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