The retro tea salon of Mamie Gâteau

Le Salon De The Retro De Mamie Gateau Land Principale 1

Mamie Gâteau  carries its name well since the decoration is very old fashioned (wooden furniture, collection of old school bowls, old stove) and great home made cakes on the counter.

Local twigs stop in to enjoy salty tarts, salads and soups in keeping with the mood of Minako, hostess with the mostest. But the real specialty of this Japanese pastry chef are her famous cakes offered every afternoon (5 €) : lemon meringue pie, cream puff, chocolate delight, and her claim to fame according to her husband, a cherry pistachio cake.

The plus: the new grocery shop space (old fashioned candy, tea, tableware) as for the second hand shop, it will soon be on internet.

Lunch formula starting at 10,50 €, until 2h30pm

Pastry 5 €

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Where to find it?

Mamie Gâteaux

66, rue du Cherche-midi

75006 Paris

01 42 22 32 15

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