This brilliant concept store where we repair all your broken objects

Les Etablis

Damn, my toaster failed me. Crac, the strap of my favorite bag. And this umbrella whose branches are packing up… You accumulate at home an appalling number of little broken things, waiting for them to repair themselves, miraculously. Scoop: this will (probably) never happen.

However, there is now in the heart of Paris a brilliant workshop / concept store where craftsmen tinker with lamps , glasses , suitcases , cameras … in front of a clothing and accessories shop which also hides a comfy café . Code name: The Workbenches .

Repairers, retouchers, goldsmiths, shoemakers…

In the window, just behind the Pompidou Center , two craftsmen are busy repairing a hair straightener and a kettle facing a tool wall. Behind them, pretty racks of colorful clothes and jewelry displays ...

Behind the concept of workbenches , neighbors Corinne Ngotat and Juliette Karpa dreamed of a local service to repair everyday objects. A virtuous, responsible place , where you could bring your shoes as well as your small household appliances , both to avoid buying again and also to save money. Winner of the participative budget of the town hall of Paris and that of Ile de France in 2021, Les Etablis was born last fall, gable on rue Beaubourg .

How it works ?

Count 15 € of support for a simple device requiring little dismantling and rapid diagnosis, or 25 € for a more complex system. There, you are given a repair estimate, which you accept or not. Whether they are repaired on site or sent to the best qualified craftsman to take care of your object (the girls' address book would sell for gold!), you will receive the fastest delivery time. communicated and you will have three months of guarantee after reception. Packed, it is weighed.

A good spot for the lunch break

While waiting for the preparation of your package or simply for the pleasure of tasting the little homemade snacks from the Etablissements , we settle down for a lunch around a toast of hummus, mushrooms, onions, sesame sauce, herbs, salad (12 € ), a croque madame salad (€11.50) or a toastie with ham, cheddar, candied onions, salad (€12) accompanied by a good lemonade (€4). At snack time, the matcha , sesame and chocolate cookies are a reassuring treat (€3), like the banana bread (€4).

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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