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Home shapers from Little Workers

During this period of quarantine, impossible not to fantasize on the art of pimping your home sweet home to transform it into the flat of your dreams … Or simply to finally take the time to look at the blueprints of your next real estate purchase.

For remote workers, creating a real corner to be used as a home office. For culinary buffs, optimizing your kitchen. And for fashionistas, making room for a real walk-in-closet. Finally, conceiving a truly well-organized room for the kids...

You are gung-ho ready to begin your renovations ... Except that you are neither an architect, nor a designer. And in fact, you really need a construction supervisor to manage the project.

This new ultra-creative generation of renovations has just been created: the “Home Shapers”.

Running the gamut from initial conception until the completion of the actual renovation, Little Worker will accompany you each step along the way.

Created by ultra pro and reliable engineers, the start-up surfed on the home decor wave by launching a successful agency of home interior implementations in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse.

The principle is simple: working in total transparency with specific rates and a very respectful ongoing follow up. Interactive estimate, planning, interior architecture, sustainable materials, real time updates regarding the evolution of the work site: everything is checked via a well-organized personal space...

How does it work?

You dream of renovating your flat with a specific budget? No worries: the team manages everything—from the architecture to the decoration, at just the right prices and with meticulous finishing details!

Their challenge: services at even better prices than those on the market, working with certified artisans while offering customized ideas with the most outstanding materials in keeping with the requirements of each person.

Do you feel like trying? Your estimate is free! No need for a face-to-face contact! The project estimate can be given on line or over the phone with all the information and photos of your space. Very tempting, no?

Strong green credibility

A renovation site with zero waste? That’s the idea! Committed to green vibes, Little Worker selects partners totally on the ball in terms of environmental impact and sustainability.

A choice of 100 % natural parquet floors, eco-certified woods, organic paints, sustainable insulators, a wide choice or renewable and recyclable materials—without forgetting cleaning and upcyling companies to sort waste after the construction process: everything has been thought out.

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