Maison, a killer burger at Odéon

There was great need for really good burger address near Odéon. And now it’s happened with this fab new Left Bank nugget. Good-mood and top notch products with buns signed Poilane, an absolutely divine house sauce with herbs and meat from a real butcher. Ideal: the possibility of choosing between fries and vegetables as side orders.

We adore: the night time spirit: wild cocktails& mini-burgers with pretty potions (10€ for a cocktail) concocted by a terrific mixologist, such as the Darling Bidoo (rum + campari + strawberry + green lemon) or the Old Fashion to sip with a plate of mini-burgers (11€ for 3 mini-burgers).

Tip-top: the possibility of taking your order to go, like a deluxe mac burger. Yummy!

Absolute must for veggie-girls: the Asian with an ultra delicious breaded tofu steak and fragrant vegetables.

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