Marcel, a mini-Brooklyn in Sèvres Bab’

explosive hot dog, benedict eggs, waffles, waffles with deadly whipped cream, French toasts with toffee sauce and French toast with salted butter caramel and bananas from Restaurant Marcel

Cool ! Our darling brunch in Montmartre has just opened a kid sister near Sèvres Babylone…

No bad surprises: here one finds the same star ingredient that ensured the trendy success of Marcel in the 18th, starting with its cozy cafeteria decor, industrial and hip. A must after a shop-op at Bon Marché!

On the program: no ready-made formulas but an « à la carte brunch with punch … Take your pick from the most sexy clubs sandwiches of all Paris (14€), a fab hot-dog (15€, a Caesar salad worth the detour (14€).

French toasts with toffee sauce, French toast with salted butter caramel and bananas and pressed fruit drinks from Marcel Brunch

To test absolutely: their amazing eggs Benedict (12€) the waffles (12€), with a killer Chantilly or the French toast with a toffee sauce (12€),. Oulalalalala ! It may be fattening, but sooooo goooood…

Tops: the brunch on Saturday and Sunday! To be noted: the take away, ideal to nestle in the garden picnic style.


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Where to find it?

Marcel ,

15 rue de Babylone

75007 Paris

01 42 22 62 62

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

Vaneau Vaneau

Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

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