The 100 % Californian brunch Marlon

Breakfast with tea, Lemonade, giant French toast banana and caramel sauce from Brunch Marlon

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Good vibes only. The Californian cantina Marlon localized on the Left Bank puts sun in our lives on weekends with its wild brunch just like in L.A.

The place

Behind Marcel (7th and 18th), Marlon and Marcelle (2nd), there is Alexandra Delarive, aka the girlboss of the stylish brunch in Paris. The proof, all its addresses are full every week with its foodporn propositions inspired by the great Anglo-Saxon classics.

At Marlon, you will be heading out for the American West, in a super warm atmosphere with a banquette in patinated leather, giant cactus, cushion in multicolored Mexican fabric, cocktails bar and beach photos. Let’s go.

On the programme of treats

XXL pancakes with maple syrup, oversized waffle topped with chocolate hazelnut and whipped cream sauce, squeezed fruit juice, watermelon slices, sandwich with cream cheese and becon from Marlon Brunch


The best of California in a “à la carte” brunch, where each one can pick what they please. The house speciality? Eggs galore: from sunny side up with bacon (€13), as a sandwich with melted cheese and bacon in a bun (€14), eggs Benedict (€16) or Mexican style caliente huevos rancheros (13 €).

The other stars? Avocado toast pimped with feta (€12) and the Cuban club sandwich with chicken, hap, gouda and guacamole (€17).

And let’s not forget sweets, totally sacred at Marlon: XXL pancakes with maple syrup (€12), giant French toast banana and caramel sauce (€14), oversized waffled with nutty chocolate sauce and whipped cream (€15), gourmet and healthy açaï bowl (€11), totally mind boggling. To be accompanied with a freshly squeezed juice (€7.5) or a Bloody Mary (€10). A touch of Los Angeles in Paris!.

The added plus

You are not available this weekend? Marlon serves a fab breakfast Monday to Friday from 10am until noon with everything a brunch entails without waiting for the end of the week!

Brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.


Also check out the anti-hangover brunch of Cuves de Fauve and the veggie brunch of Yumi.

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