Schnitzel, a stylish coffee-shop just like in Vienna

Pop Up Bal Cafe Otto

It had been unjustly left by the wayside, but lately, the homeland of Sissi is making a trendy revival. Austria, its huge pine forest, its  mythical waltz... and its inimitable Viennese café. Country stolls and swirling on the dance floor will wait, however when it come to coffee and local specialties, vous you can start right away.

From the 5th to the 10th of February 2019, the Bal Café Otto is be hosting a unique Viennese pop-up impulsed by the Austrian Airlines company. The perfect occasion to enjoy highly comforting dishes by Austrian chef Lisa Machian: Schnitzel (Viennese meat scallop), beef goulash and cheese spaetzle, Apfelstrudel and chantilly, or the famous Sachertorte (start of chocolate cakes).

Coffee workshops and concerts

Ready for action? Learn how to make a real Viennese coffee with a barista (sign up).

Concerts and readings of Austrian poems are also on the agenda, without forgetting the big Frühstück of the weekend—an incredible brunch that is worthy writing home about.

Café de Vienne at the Bal Café Otto, from the 5th to the 10th of February 2019. Sign up for the workshop on

Also check out a vodka and caviar bar and the raclettes evenings of Terrass” Hotel.

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