3 treatments to atomize cellulite for less than 100 €

Massage Cellulite

Soon summer, owl! Except that… A merciless war is declared. The enemy: dimples, those insidious clumps of fat that invade our pretty legs and buttocks and ruin our morale when it comes to the touchy ordeal of trying on a swimsuit.

The source of evil? After adolescence under the effect of hormones, stress or a poor diet (hello Moscow Mules and nachos with cheese), the fatty tissue lodged under the epidermis becomes engorged. Result: an orange peel appearance that we would gladly do without. Especially since, once established, cellulite is a wound to be eradicated. Thank god , not everything is screwed up. The Do It Team has unearthed three bazooka techniques for you to pulverize encrusted fat and refine the silhouette, all without selling a kidney.

The sauna of the future at The Skin Clinic

For whom: beauty geekettes on the lookout for the latest trends.

The place: left bank , it's THE new feel good spot that rhymes beauty and sorority opened with the heart by the sublime Sihame Bacetti , laser artist passionate about skincare . We like: the super warm welcome and the inspiring girl power decor between intention candles, furniture that belonged to the Carita sisters , energy stones and slamming neon messages: Be a badass with a good ass . But yes!

The technique: the Vital Dôme , a patented and ultra-rare in Paris infratherapy device that sends good waves more than 4 cm under the skin to stimulate fibroblasts and gain firmness. Naked under the dome, we sweat while listening to Zen music. Result: the toxins disappear and you lose up to 800 calories per session. All without moving a toe. Easy.

Verdict: in addition to the relaxing effect, the infrared sauna is great for activating the metabolism and fighting against the water retention responsible for cellulite . The results are visible from the third session.

Sauna vital Dome Infratherapy by IRL 30 min, from €37.50.

The Skin Clinic , 24 rue Violet, Paris 15th.By appointment . 06 24 47 13 48.

A special slimming Tui na at Lanqi Spa

For whom: fans of effective, no-frills holistic treatments .

The place: a huge 300 m² spa in the heart of the chic 7th district, pimped according to the golden rules of Feng Shui by Lanqi Zhang , the big boss and high priestess of Tui na , the millennial Chinese massage. Pssst: it's the well-known HQ of the Parisian gratin, models in jet-lag and TV stars who come running to deflate their legs in incognito mode.

The technique: to remove cellulite, target the spleen meridian which controls digestion. Combining friction and strong kneading, stretching, pinching and pressure to circulate energy (chi), this 100% manual massage focuses on areas at risk: stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips. The fatal weapon: the cow horn gua sha , rubbed vigorously on the lines of the meridians. It hurts, but it feels good.

When the session is over, we go home wrapped in cellophane with a slimming oil with Himalayan herbs (the owner's secret recipe). Keep for 2 hours to potentiate the effects of the treatment.

Verdict: we come out very light (body and mind) with the impression of having lost 10 kilos. And it lasts a few days. To renew in cure for an in-depth action.

Massage minceur Tui na , 45 min + gua sha 15 min 88 €.

Lanqi Spa , 48 avenue de Saxe, Paris 7th, 62, rue des Entrepreneurs, Paris 15th and 18, rue de Beffroy, Neuilly. 01 44 38 72 05.

Maderotherapy at the Lymphatic Drainage Workshop

For whom: followers of radical solutions who are not against the idea of being a little roughed up. Avoid sizes XS (at the risk of coming out covered in bruises).

The place: a cozy duplex with a bohemian spirit stashed at the end of a courtyard a stone's throw from the Grands Boulevards, designed by Tehani Leprieur , a 34-year-old startuper converted into holistic care.

The technique: trained in the Renata Franca method , the slimming massage that is making the buzz, the founder has upgraded the protocol with homemade gestures inspired by osteopathy . The lethal weapon that bends the game: maderotherapy , a technique from Colombia with reputedly spectacular results.

On the table it gives: a personalized treatment combining lymph drainage to remove toxins and intensive massage with natural wooden tools: notched rollers, suction cups... Does it itch? it's a good sign, it's the subcutaneous fat saying goodbye to you. After the performance torture session, we relax with a draining infusion from The French Herborist .

Verdict: let's be honest, it's far from a cakewalk. But the game is worth the candle. A few sessions are enough to greatly reduce the orange peel effect.

Maderotherapy 30 to 45 min, from €55.00.

The Lymphatic Drainage Workshop , 28 rue d'Hauteville Paris 10th, by appointment on 06 84 26 16 63.

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