Odette: the GQ of sweet street-food!

Cream chou from Odette Brunch

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©Odette Paris

In the sweet street-food family, I ask? The little cabbage, our favorite ! In a praline, pistachio or green tea version, we absolutely love it… Macaroons and cupcakes can go get dressed!

We already told you about Odette, the cutest of tea rooms, a chic and secret little address that distills puffs, each one more sexy and plump than the other.

Normal, the boss Frédéric had taken over the recipe from his grandmother - the famous Odette - to better bring it back to the taste of Parisiennes... A full box!

Very good news, he has just opened a second small cake shop on rue Montorgueil…

Another good reason to succumb to these ultimate pastries . Would you like a little chocolate or vanilla cabbage?

€1.90 cabbage. €9.90 per box.

Open every day until 7:30 p.m., even on Sundays!

Also find the Comptoire du Ritz, the Parisian coffee-shop signed François Perret and the best cream puffs in Paris .

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Where to find it?


18, rue Montorgueil

75001 Paris


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