The Japanese cantina of fashion trendies in the Marais

Japanese restaurant onii-san in Paris

When Olivier Léone, co-founder of the ultra coveted shoe label Nodaleto, pairs up with his buddy Arthur Cohen, true buff of Japanese culture, the result is the most sexy Japanese cantina of the new Fall season.

To wit, the Marais inside-trackers are already on deck at Onii-San (“elder brother”), delighted to finally be able to launch this address, which was initially going to open the first day of the lockdown!

Obviously cool, the place is in the image of a new generation, at ease in their Nike shoes, cleverly mixing kitsch and refinement, with #lol posters, traditional vases and tableware brought back from Japan by Arthur.

Do you know izakaya ?

More than yet another counter of sophisticated sushis, Onii-San plays the izakaya card, the famous Tokyo pubs where one comes to nibble on small plates washed down by beer or saké between friends. In other words: the Made in Japan tapas bar.

In the kitchen, Issac Romero (ex-Holiday Café) and Risa Ichimaru (ex-Abri Soba) whip up adorable nibbles to be shared or not—ideal for a quick lunch (menu of the day €20).

A la carte

Onii-san restaurant meal that includes silky shiitakés sautéed in saké, wasabi toro katsu with tuna and coleslaw, veggie or saumon temakis and a chocolate delight and matcha

To be nibbled on: a fun avocado, egg yolk, miso (€10), silky shiitakés sautéed in saké (€11), a wasabi toro katsu with tuna and coleslaw (€21), veggie or saumon temakis (€6) and for the sweet finishing touch, an already cult chocolate delight and matcha (€8).

Very special kudos for the selection of sakés (some of which are as light as table wines) to accompany the meal on a soft note and whose savours are explained under each name to guide you.

Open Tuesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner.

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Where to find it?


82, rue des Archives

75003 Paris

01 45 35 14 60

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