Cuvée P.181: the best organic champagne to adopt

Canard Duchene

Stop looking for the right bottle (obviously organic) to bring for your next aperitif. The extra brut P.181 cuvée from the illustrious Maison Canard-Duchêne appears as the chic reference : a new safe bet to buy with your eyes closed, to always keep cool in your fridge or to easily find at a wine merchant or in Monoprix wine shelves before a party or a dinner ...

The Cuvée P.181, the best organic champagne to test

It must be said that this bottle combines all the strengths of the heart: an organic champagne that is both sharp, elegant and responsible, a true hymn to nature , which reconciles the benefits of organic ( bye bye the headache of hyper-sulphite juices), an incredible balance, a fair price and the aromatic singularity of a small production of 9 hectares on the slopes of the banks of the Marne.

Lovers of fine, well-struck bubbles will appreciate the Extra Bruts aromas of nectarines and mandarins around a blend of Pinot Noir , Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier , which work just as well for an aperitif as on a sole meunière or a platter. of cheese with soft cheeses such as coulommiers.

Canard-Duchêne: a house of excellence committed to sustainable viticulture

Cuvée bio P.181 par Canard-Duchêne.

They are among the pioneers in responsible production and respect for the vineyards. Avant-garde and committed for nearly 20 years in a more responsible global approach, cellar master Laurent Fédou has revived in excellence Canard-Duchêne , the beloved house of stars and Romanovs born in 1868, from a mythical love story between Victor, son of a cooper and Léonie, the daughter of a winegrower.

In 2003, Laurent Fédou launched a real manufacturing process that respects the environment, from recycling waste to treating effluents with his own wastewater treatment plant, including reducing the carbon footprint .

The year 2009 marks a real turning point with the launch of the first organic cuvée, widely acclaimed by connoisseurs. Renamed P.181 , it is now seen as a benchmark of good taste and respect for biodiversity with exceptional know-how. As evidenced by the work of the soil, plowed 4 to 5 times a year and the sole use of copper to fight against mildew .

Indicative retail price € 31. On sale in all Nicolas wine merchants in France and at Monoprix


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