The clever concept that will “take care” of your kids

Pandacraft Concept

Since the  Master for “Kids” does not exist… The school holiday issue necessarily brings up “the” famous question that all parents ask themselves shamefully.

How to keep the kids busy (intelligently) while avoiding that the experience becomes a nightmare or serious boredom?

Drum roll. This is exactly the super clever concept of Pandacraft, that conceives playful kits for kids. Not only does this In Real Life Mary Poppins system takes care of your little darlings … but it also allows to pass on values, share an experience together, boost their creativity, awaken them and pinpoint their talent, boost their capacities… #smallgenius

Everything is based on a very simple principle: kids retain 90 % of what they do, 20 % of what they hear and 10 % of what they see.

A real gift box with themes (volcanoes, dinosaurs, flowers planets...) organized in 3 parts: an educative magazine + a monthly + a mobile app.

First a very well presented magazine that provides the answers for all the famous “Why this, why that” of our kids… Which, to be honest, you yourself don’t know the answer to most of the time.

Then on to Practical exercises! Concretely: all the equipment to make a volcano, an amazing maracas-tambourine, in keeping with the theme of the month.

To finish on a high note, a playful app linked to your phone or tablet to continue the experience with the kids in “digital” mode.

An educational and playful app but it’s out of the question to leave your kid  to "geek" all alone with it!

How does it work? Order your kit on line... In the running, you will receive in your mailbox the surprise gift package. At a very friendly price: 1,90 € for your first kit.

We like : two versions of kits respectively dedicated to -7 year-olds and 8-12 year-olds.

1,90 € the discovery kit then 8 € for the monthly kit. Order quickly on :

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