Food: which plants to cultivate and cook at home?

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Season 2 of L'Appartement #MerciLesPlantes is coming to Do It! In 2020, this event takes on a 100% digital form, but still inspiring. This week, Do It In Paris and @Maplantemonbonheur unveil a new room in this apartment with the staging of a resolutely green kitchen!

It grows in the kitchen! Plants appear as the essential ingredient to draw from the new food trends for the start of the school year. To do this: in your kitchen, we cultivate aromatic plants worthy of a mini-vegetable garden with Prêt A Pousser , giving the air of a small ultra-instgrammable jungle to the favorite living room of foodies… We can't dream best “ short circuit ”.

The unusual cultivation of burnet, aloe vera , sage , borage , oxalys , shiso or garnet basil directly from your work plan will give your recipes extra exoticism!

Small #MerciLesPlantes listing of some easy and amazing recipes to improvise with your harvest of the day!

Improvise last minute a hummus of peas

Recette houmous petits pois

Harvest needed in his kitchen: 12 tarragon leaves.

The recipe: Cook 400g peas (fresh or frozen) for 5 minutes in boiling water. Drain and rinse a 100g organic can of chickpeas. Pour into the bowl of a blender: chickpeas + peas + 1 lemon juice + washed tarragon leaves + 2 tbsp. of sesame seeds + 6 tsp. tablespoons of olive oil. Mix. Serve tarragon leaves and a few toasted sesame seeds for decoration in a pretty bowl. It's ready !


Harvest needed in his kitchen: 10 lemon balm leaves.

The recipe: in a blender, place a few lemon balm leaves + 2 cl of lime juice. Add 2 cl of lemongrass syrup + 3 cl of coconut milk + 4 cl of Cachaça. Fill your blender with ice cubes and shake vigorously. Filter the contents of the blender and serve your cocktail in a balloon glass, decorated with a few lemon balm leaves. It's ready !

Mixing a locavore tabbouleh

Harvest needed in his kitchen: a tablespoon of sumac and half a bunch of parsley.

The recipe: In a saucepan , heat 100 g of bulgur + twice its volume in water. Stir well until all the water has been absorbed by the bulgur. Cover off the heat for 5 minutes and let cool. Peel a cucumber + a zucchini and cut them into small cubes. Roughly chop half a bunch of flat-leaf parsley. Mix everything. Squeeze a lime. Add a nice c. sumac then season to taste. It's ready !


Aloe vera dans un pot en céramique et le lierre d'intérieur misère

Adding a vegetal touch to your kitchen is the new decoration obsession! Normal, this tip stuck to healthy influencers not only allows you to bring style between the sink and the fridge but above all to enjoy a very Instagrammable setting at a lower cost.

The good plan: grow beautiful plants chewable as the aloe vera ultra-graphic design, in ceramic pots that meet your beautiful dishes. Also daring: install a misery (the famous indoor ivy ) on a suspension for a bohemian-chic effect in the best taste.

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