Polpo Plage or when Cap Ferret lands in Paris

Polpo beach with Fine sand, parasols and deck chairs  located in Levallois-Peret near Paris

Fine sand, parasols, deck chairs The Cap Ferret spirit takes place every summer weekend on the Polpo beach, the fabulous seafood  brasserie anchored in Levallois-Perret. The ideal spot to lounge on Sunday, under the sun exactly.

The holiday menu

Organic artichoke cream during happy hour at the Polpo beach

Just like at the beach, to order a fresh beer and nibbles, it’s a the small shack things are happening. And the star on the menu is without doubt the Connecticutlobster roll Homer Lobster, or its fresh kid brother with avocado, chives and green lemon (€21,90).

In terms of slabs, no charcuterie at Polpo but Super Producteurs spreads (a fine cream of chickpeas, fish rillettes and artichoke spread  €9,50). You have more of a sweet tooth? When you say beach, ice cream is never far: here you can freshen up with a Magnum or a Supertwister, nestled in your deckchair. Nothing better to get over an intense day at the office and get ready for the holidays.

Last but not least: go for a nice glass of rosé (€6) or a pint of white 1664 (€6.50).

The good idea?

Going for brunch at brasserie Polpo on Sunday (noon - 3pm). Take advantage of the large seafood and fish buffet for €39.50. Oysters, mussels, sea snails But not only. The Polpo brunch also includes salads of quinoa, freshly squeezed juices, fruit salads as well as pains au chocolats and croissants… of course.

Nota Bene: animations will be taking place on the fine sand of Polpo all summer long—the activities will be announced on the Instagram account of Polpo.

Friday and Saturday from 4pm until midnight, on Sunday from 2pm until 8pm.

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Where to find it?


47 quai Charles Pasqua

92300 Levallois-Perret



Pont De Levallois-becon Pont De Levallois-becon

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