The bar that will really impress your target

Saint James

You really don’t have a romantic soul and the idea of coming across as a ditzy wallflower makes you feel like fainting? Which does not mean you cannot try and be up to snuff by taking him to a place that is very conducive to seduction and that will really spark the interest of your latest flame.

Open your ears, we have an address that would make even Don Juan nervous!

Book a table at the bar of the Saint James, an ultra-private club for gentlemen (politicians, business men, actors…) which also happens to be the most secret hotel in Paris. This venue, generally closed to the common man, is opening its English bar to the public at large in the evening. But you need to know the secret… And dare to enter this very impressive place. A real hidden castle that requires coming up the alley…

chateau saint james

On the program, an atmosphere with panache: a super hot decor —Conan Doyle style—a very talented barman at the ready, bewitching cocktails, intrigues and alcoves secrets, all in a very low key atmosphere.

Our love prescription: send an SMS with the address to your “partner in crime” or then a taxi or even a Uber to enhance the surprise effect, without really letting him know where he is going. Tell the reception that a friend will be meeting you at the bar. Wait for him with self-assurance, a piña colada in your hand— wearing your sexiest dress.

The top must? If you can afford it, spend the night in one of the 45 rooms, each with a very “courtesan” decor signed Bambi Sloan, the star decorator (about 380€). Deffo a night you will remember...


Also discover Fitzgerald, a bar with the Gatsby spirit in the 7e.

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Where to find it?

Saint James Paris

5, Place du Chancelier Adenauer

75116 Paris

01 44 05 81 81

Porte Dauphine (marechal De Lattre De Tassign Porte Dauphine (marechal De Lattre De Tassign

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