The winning gift : a furiously unusual week-end

Pop in the city week-end

A bag ? Your it-bags are overflowing in your wardrobe. A massage at the spa? Old stuff. You need to make a gift to the person « who already have everything ». It sounds like a big Xmas fail. Unless…

Bingo ! We have found THE gift that won’t be exchanged as soon as your back is turned.

Treat your BFF to a Pop in the City experience. The principle? A short, chic and furiously original weekend to be lived as a city break to a trendy destination (Lisbon, Hambourg, Sevilla…).

On site, a 48h urban raid. A kind of Fort Boyard with a Sex and the City feeling, if you wish… with a series of glam’, sporty and fun challenges to meet: abseil on a historical monument, painting a Street Art fresco, rowing in the middle of the city, cooking local street-food. This also includes an unforgettable dinner in a totally unusual and trendy place. Everything we love.

We adore: the box includes a voucher for a very unusual experience, to be used for the next editions of 2017, a city-guide concocted by the Pop In team, a Pop in the City notebook and a very up to date shower gel from the Belesa brand and cherry on the cake, by signing up for one of these boxes you might win a Golden Ticket, giving you a free offer one +1 (you ?).

Hurry up, these boxes are delivered until the 19th of December. Afterwards, you will have to come fetch them directly from the offices of Pop in The City if you want to slip them under the Xmas tree.

Pop In Box, the box of Pop in the City, 179 €. More information on

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