Recipes by great chefs to be served in jars!

Plats De Grands Chefs En Bocaux

Serving real dishes by star-studded chefs in jars, is a very original idea !

It’s the amusing concept of the Boco restaurants imagined by Vincent and Simon Ferniot, two brothers passionate about cooking.

So whip out your jars and glass containers because their book of super recipes has just come out. To be tested the coddled egg with lentils by Anne-Sophie Pic, a risotto of pasta with ham and cheese by Emmanuel Renault lien vers la recette du jour or the baked fennel and pear with bleu cheese by Vincent, the elder brother.

Special kudos for the desserts with sweet delights signed Philippe Conticini (the creator of the divine Pâtisserie des Rêves) and Christophe Michalak, the dandy pastry chef.

Boco, Vincent and Simon Ferniot, Hachette Cuisine, 96 pages, 12.90 €

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