Mountain cheese

Risotto Coquillette Fromage Jambon

It’s THE eternal comfort dish of our childhood, macaroni and ham revisited by Emmanuel Renaut. You can add a mix of mountain cheese and a little mascarpone for extra smoothness. Child play!


Cook the pasta in a big pot of salted boiling water in keeping with the time indicated on packaging.

Drain immediately and cool under running water, then drain again and set aside.

In a pot, pour the cream and boil until it reduces by a third.

Add the different grated cheese, the cooked pasta and the mascarpone.

Mix well and season according to your taste.

Finishing touches and presentation

1 – At the last moment, incorporate the ham previously diced up and mix.

2- Spread out the preparation at the bottom of each BOCO jar or glass verrine. Serve immediately.


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100 g of coquillettes or small marcaroni pasta

100 g of liquid cream

40 g of grated mountain cheese (half gruyère or comté, half tomme de Savoie or Beaufort)

30 g of mascarpone

80 g of white ham

Salt, ground mill pepper

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