Ristorante National : the most buzzing Italian in Paris


Why you will adore going there: here is the most trendy rendezvous in Paris. Since the Fall, the Hôtel des Arts et Métiers is creating the buzz amongst the international BP and locals.  And, funnily enough its very fashionable constantly filled restaurant … is a very high-end Italian, run by Julien Cohen (Pizza Chic, Grazie).

The specialty: the Boot in trendy mode. Translation on the plates: tempura of vegetables and herbs, pesto of arugula (€14), no-gluten spaghetti made with kamut flour, saffron and mint (€20), raw bass, burrata and poutargue fish eggs (€17), cream of pistachio (€12).

ristorante national plat

Open every day for lunch and dinner.

Also discover Supernova, the Italian cantina we were dreaming of in the high Marais.

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