The Montana rooftop: the snob QG for the new season

This mythical socialite venue has a long standing reputation. The Montana, is obviously a cocktails bar and a club to party. The proof: Kate Moss adores going there and Frédéric Beigbeder has made it his 2nd home.

Le Montana, is also « La Gauche Caviar», a dining room for spoiled kids where the fashionsphere likes to kick up their heels and enjoy vodka, caviar and pizza with truffles…

Le Montana, is also a highly mundane small rooftop with super snobby potential, and must-go rendezvous of inside track Parisians with a view on the churches of Saint-Germain, Notre-Dame & co. In short : the terrace rootop where everyone is going: if will deffo by the hot spot during the next fashion-week.

How to go there? Reservations are a must, of course, and don’t hesitate to overdress! Here bling is in. Just in case: drop by unannounced, looking busy and with a fashionista silhouette.

We like: the possibility of drinking a simple Spritz or a glass of rosé before 7:30pm or the entire evening on Monday when the kitchens are closed.

A la carte: food for twigs: Fresh veggie basket (19€), white asparagus with cream of avocado and tartare of shrimp with ginger  (19€). More hefty: their cheeseburger, raw beef tartare or skewer of marinated jumbo shrimp (all : 29€). And those who like to party will order a Colonel (Lemon sorbet with Vodka). A must.

Open from noon to 2am, by reservation only.

Also discover au__top : the new rooftop that is going to topple Perchoir.

By Elodie Rouge

Where to find it ?

Le Rooftop du Montana

28, rue Saint Benoît

75006 Paris

01 53 63 79 20

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