au__top: the new rooftop that is going to topple Perchoir

 The new rooftop of La Perle

The new rooftop that is going to send all the inside-track Parisians to 7th heaven, has just opened in the Marais. Code name: au__top. Who is hiding behind this new venue? “Jean-Phi”, owner of La Perle and Café Foufou.

This time, this successful player in the world of Paris bistros has decided to up the ante one notch. And he has chosen the 93 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, with an incredible view, plantations such as “The country side in Paris” and a quilted open-top roof enabling chilly Parisiennes to stay warm on cold nights—even if it snows.

And just like La Perle, a playlist signed Nova makes guests feel like gyrating to the music, while bar lovers can knock back drinks with the most beautiful view of Paris hanging out with a gang of party-going regulars.

Shall we show you the way?

 the restaurant team au__top

Here you cannot show up at the drop of a hat, but you don’t have to queue up either: Alleluia! Places are expensive and well-deserved. A good old reservation on the site is mandatory.

After the private elevator, a staircase, an XXL print of artist Philippe Ramette, you have arrived at the top. Fun and gourmet games can begin.

A 100 % Med cuisine cooked on embers

Grill and barbecue on the rooftop

All the fans of grilled meats and BBQ will be delighted. Because everything that is not served raw —such as delicious oysters from Oléron (€6 for a dozen) —is au grilled in the open kitchen!

Other delights: the great bread is grilled over the embers, just like the artichoke roasted with olive oil and fleur de sel (€9), the superb prime rib of beef to be shared along with roasted veggies (€90 for 2), smoked tuna or a grilled royal sea bass (€59 pour 2) that has the taste of holiday beach restaurants. And for dessert, (€9) the roasted pineapple really does the job.

We like: a fabulous breakfast with view on Sunday morning starting at 9am.

 grilled pineapple dish from au__top restaurant in Paris

Open from 6pm to 1am during the week. On weekends from 9am to 11:30pm non-stop. Brunch-couscous: 28 €

© Lisa Klein Michel

More info : @le_studio_REV @cristiano_benzoni_rev @sophie_thuillier_rev

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