Small chou with truffle oil

Recette Appenzeller

Salty small cabbages, truffle and delicious Swiss cheese. An addictive must signed Christopher Hache, the chef of the Crillon.


Boil the milk, oil and salt

Away from the flame, incorporate the Tapioca flour, then let it dry like a puff pastry for about 1 min…

Add the eggs one by one.

Then add the Appenzeller® cheese in small bits, stir, until you obtain a homogenous and compact dough.

Rectify the seasoning if needed …

If possible, allow the dough to sit for 2 hours.

Using a piping bag and a nozzle, make balls on sulfurized paper and cook at 180°C during about 20 minutes.

For the glazing:

Boil the cream and the agar-agar for 2 minutes.

Then remove and add the gelatin softened in cold water; finally add the coloring and the truffle oil.

Then glaze the cabbages.


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For the cabbages:

500 g of Tapioca flour

300 g of Appenzeller®

6 cl of sunflower oil

30 cl of milk

2 eggs

8 g of slat

For the cabbage glazing:

200 g of liquid cream

2 g of agar-agar

2 leaves of gelatin

Black food coloring

Oil of truffle

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