The best green treatments to regain queen hands

Creme Mains

Abused, assaulted by the cold and disinfectant gels, hands badly need to be pampered and comforted at the end of winter. Small listing of green nuggets to offer them a beauty cure.

The most comforting: Diptyque washing solution

A cocktail of organic floral waters of lavender and rosemary enriched with lavender honey rich in fatty acids and mineral salts make up the formula of this Diptyque cleansing solution which rinses off with water like soap. It gently purifies, repairs, soothes abused and damaged hands.

Diptyque Cleansing Solution €57

The most antioxidant: Heavy Mettle Pai hand cream

Sea buckthorn to deeply nourish and fragonia, a powerful antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties , make up the natural formula of Heavy mettle Pai hand cream . The creamy texture hydrates and soothes the most chapped and dehydrated skin.

Heavy Mettle Pai hand cream 19,90 €

The most anti-ageing: Augustinus Bader's hand care

Powerful natural active ingredients make up the shock formula of the hand care that Victoria Beckham loves by Augustinus Bader . White peony and vitamin E packed with antioxidants associated with honey renowned for its antiseptic powers form a powerful cocktail to hydrate, repair and protect the most exposed hands from pollution.

Augustinus Bader Hand Care 50ml €43

The most complete: Rêve de Miel Nuxe hand and nail cream

A real dressing for the hands, this Rêve de Miel Nuxe moisturizing cream with honey and essential oils repairs and protects the most damaged hands and leaves them soft and deliciously scented. We would love it!

Hand and nail cream Rêve de Miel Nuxe 5,50 €

The most anti-cuticle: Kure Bazaar Infusion Pink Organic Oil

An ancestral recipe with an infusion of rose petals and a blend of ten precious organic oils make up this Kure Bazaar organic treatment . A few drops are enough for hydrated , nourished, repaired and cuticle-free nails.

Organic rose oil Infusion 100% organic 38 €

The most SOS nails in distress: Black Nailmatic Serum

Armored with trace elements and mineral salts, the Black Serum Nailmatic , formulated with water rich in black algae, acai berry and caviar extracts, regenerates and strengthens the most dehydrated and brittle nails.

Nailmatic Black Serum €11

The most restorative: Neighborhood Botanicals balm

With 100% natural soybean oil, mango and shea butter, the Neighborhood Botanicals balm is the perfect treatment to intensely moisturize the most parched hands but also gently treat wounds, burns and other sores.

Neighbourhood Botanicals i was a Tennage hand model baume mains 20,50 €


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