SOS : what’s for dinner tonight?

Bobun bolw

After watching a slew of food features, tearing out tempting recipes from magazines and walking by dream grocery stores, you end up promising to whip up sexy little dishes with good products.

Reality is another story.

1.  You are a down and out working-girl every other evening.

2.  And even if you motivate yourself:  the icebox is empty…

3.  Every Sunday, your good resolution to go to market ends up with your staying in bed watching a TV series.

Our SOS solution? a really fabulous personal service that does your grocery shopping (fresh produce, organic, top notch as though you had been to Rungis, coming from the best producers) and that delivers ready to cook home made dishes in less than 30 minutes flat.

They have a wide array of choice: classic, veggie, for the family…  Concretely: cheese-nans and carrot soup with cumin, a fab bobun, kale spaghetti, duck shepherd’s pie, mac and cheese, butternut and feta cheese casserole, noodles with sesame and chicken…

Mission impossible? Certainly not! Everything is delivered ready-to-cook, down to the slightest detail: the adequate herbs, lemon or condiments, perfectly prepared fish, chicken diced up for a wok, weighed flour...  Just follow the instructions. Child play, even for those who can’t cook an egg.

We adôooore: free delivery of the 4 weekly baskets, everywhere in France at practical hours 6am and 11pm … And furthermore: there is no commitment. No more excuses.

Weekly classic basket of 4 meals for 2 persons: 59€.


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