Guy Savoy opens the best ramen in Paris

 Dashi broth dish, poultry and beef with condiments by chef Guy Savoy

Careful: queue on the horizon! Best to get there before the crowds… Completely obsessed by ramen “just like in Singapore”, Guy Savoy, elected several times best chef in the world, decided to open a venue in the 6th dedicated to his passion: ramen.

 Interior atmosphere of Supu Ramen restaurant

The decision was made in one summer. The 3-star chef, totally smitten by Asian food, opened Supu Ramen, a cantina that flirts adorably with pop culture. An eclectic mix in a super luminous venue with small tables and a wooden counter, street art inspirations, an open kitchen and works by plastician Fabrice Hyber. In short: cool!

The exceptional products of a 3 star in a ramen

The chef uses the best products possible, all sourced for his gastronomic restaurant nearby, at Hôtel de la Monnaie: starting with Île-de-France FranciLin pork or in-house noodles made with organic flours from the mill of Brasseuil to be enjoyed with Kamiizumi saké (€9), Japanese prune wine ( €4) or a glass of Chardonnay, Guy Savoy vintage.

Portrait of chef Guy Savoy and his team preparing a dish of broth

A la carte, ramens with “lots of greenery” like a Dashi broth, nori, makrel, chives and miso-pimento condiment (€13.80 ) or the beef broth, julienne vegetables, spare ribs, chives, fried onions, coriander leaves, miso-raifort condiment ( €17.80).

Now just pimp the soup: a coddled egg, marinated tofu or pan fried foie gras for the deluxe touch.

A true singularity, the “no broth veggie is a big hit: an amazing mix of noodles with braised tomato, eggplant, enoki, daikon, fried onions, soja sprouts, edamame and SUPU sauce (€12.80).

Be sure not not miss the desserts (€4.80): an Earl Grey tea sorbet (amazing !), without forgetting a praline soft chocolate cake with chicory sauce.

Open every day, lunch and dinner, without reservations starting at 11:45am, dinner starting at 6:30pm.


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