The cookies of Jean Hwang Carrant

The cookies of Jean Hwang Carrant

Open just a few months ago in the Sentier, cookie maker Jean Hwang Carrant (pronounce Djin) clearly whips up the best cookies in Paris.

The tell-tale tagline of this  talented American with a French touch: “Simply Extraordinary”. And we have proof with pumpkin or Nutella US style cookies, (make sure to taste the glazed vanilla…) or the Asian inspiration with sesame, a sinful addiction for any foodie (or matcha-white chocolate).

To be noted: a fab gluten-free cookie.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Also discover the invetor of cronut lands at Yann Couvreur.

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Where to find it?

Jean Hwang Carrant

84 rue d’Aboukir

75002 Paris


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Sentier Sentier

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