The Top Chef menu of Olivier Streiff

The Top Chef menu of Olivier Streiff

We loved him in the 2015 edition with his off-beat Goth rock look and prettily balanced plates. Olivier Streiff, aka the most iconoclast amongst Top Chefs, has the legendary 1920’s brasserie of Bœuf sur le Toit swinging with a very seasonal carte blanche menu.

For 45€, you can take your pick amongst his various offers for a super combo: starter+dish+dessert. Example? Glazed salmon, cucumber tzatziki; grilled beef, creamy artichoke with anchovies; roasted clementines with dried fruits.

And all this is talking place in an absolutely mythical place, taken over by socialites and BP of the Roaring Twenties, who came to party to the tune of the era’s famous jazzmen…. fave hangout of artists Jean Cocteau, Picabia and many other glitterati.

Carte blanche Menu 45€.

Also discover L'Escient, a discreet gourmet spot near Ternes.

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Where to find it?

Bœuf sur le Toit

34 Rue du Colisée

75008 Paris

01 53 93 65 55

Franklin-roosevelt Franklin-roosevelt

Saint-philippe Du Roule Saint-philippe Du Roule

Franklin-roosevelt Franklin-roosevelt

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