A very chic British rendezvous!

British Chips

God save the crisps! Good news for all those who abide by English manners, British eccentricities, snobbish chips, Kate Middleton and other delights from the other side of the Channel.

Heads up: Tyrells, a collective of very chic chips, is sending over a delegation from London that will show up on the Parisian payment and there will be distribution royal chips during 3 days (rumor has it that the Queen nibbles on them secretly), with  Brit’ festivities and fun happenings starting with the « launch of bowler hats and umbrellas », Lord and Lady style.

There will be many activities in a very « eccentric English » spirit to be commented on the social networks with hashtag #jouelacommetyrells.

Cherry on the cake, challenges on the social networks will enable you to win mountains of chips, the sinful treat of upscale Parisiennes …

Scene of the crime? The Tyrells will be having their own fashion show.

A tip? Rue de Londres, avenue Winston Churchill, place St Georges… To discover all the venues and hours, rendezvous on Facebook.

When? Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 September, from noon to 1:30pm and 6:30pm to 7:30pm

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