A last lunch at colette's

For sure the place is not new. It even seems the colette waterbar had become the official cantina of fashion week. So just when the creator of the concept store is about to close for good the 213 rue Saint-Honoré at Christmas, it seemed impossible not to encourage self-respecting Parisiennes to take a seat there one last time to immortalise the last fashion week of Colette. A final fashion ritual that will soon become an eternal memory.

Now, just walk down the steps of the boutique, show up at noon, in order to be sure to have a seat, play with the white and blue “colette” sets while checking out the next table (Guillaume, big honcho of communications, Sarah Lavoine, who comes as a neighbour, the gals from Vogue…), order an unusual bottle of water amongst the 70 available, the famous “colette” plate, official dish of all the twigs on a diet, or the now mythical Cheesecake Mazaltov (0 %fat) by Jean-Paul Hévin.

We like: to hallmark the occasion, Blend and Colette are teaming up one last time around a very special burger baptised the FAREWELL. Highly coveted, this burger stands out through its se inimitable house blue bun (coloured bread, cooked that very morning in the Blend lab, €18)...

Open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.


Elodie Rouge

Where to find it ?

Colette Water-bar

213, Rue Saint Honoré

75001 Paris

01 55 35 33 90

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