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What restaurant openings are eagerly anticipated by food critics at the beginning of 2024? Here's a shortlist for super foodies to book ahead of everyone else, securing tables that will make headlines this year!



Thibaut Spiwack's boundless creativity, showcased at his Michelin-starred restaurant (plus a green star) Anona, is now extending its gastronomic influence to the Philharmonie de Paris. The iconic concert hall designed by Jean Nouvel is enlisting the chef's services to helm L'Envol, situated on the 6th floor, where the focus will be on seasonality, local producers, and plant-based offerings.

L'Envol, on the 6th floor of the Philharmonie de Paris, 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris 19th. Opening on January 22.

© L'Envol - Le Photographe du Dimanche


oka et fago

We absolutely loved his pocket-sized eatery in the 9th, followed by his Michelin-starred restaurant OKA. The amiable Brazilian chef, Raphael Rego, is embarking on a new chapter with the opening of the 'turbulent little brother' to his gourmet establishment, aptly named Fogo. This new addition will serve as a bistro extension, focusing on a grilled cuisine that we eagerly await to taste.

Oka and Fogo, 8 Rue Meissonier, Paris 17th. Opening in mid-January.

© Oka et Fogo - Claire Israël



We were familiar with Thibault Sombardier's (Mensae, Sellae...) love for meats and robust, lingering juices. What's less known is that the hottest chef in the capital also worships Korean cuisine, the theme of his upcoming restaurant, Mojju, located just a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower. How chic! Set in a decor inspired by traditional 'hanok' houses (you've just learned a word), the chef promises to tackle the challenge of exotic, shared Korean cuisine.

Mojju, 4 Rue de l'Exposition, Paris 7th. Opening in February.

© Mojju - Le Photographe du Dimanche



You surely recognize Baptiste Renouard, noticed on the show Top Chef and who fell in love with the culinary world as a teenager. One Michelin-starred restaurant later (Ochre, in Rueil-Malmaison), he is back in action in Saint-Cloud, bringing joy to the western side of Paris. The promise? A bistro open all day, where you can savor delights such as eggs meurette, blanquette, and langoustine quenelles. Pure bliss!

Sienne, 46 Boulevard de la République (Saint-Cloud). Opening in mid-February.

© Sienne - Le Photographe du Dimanche


public house

Nothing is impossible for the British chef Calum Franklin. He takes charge of the brand-new kitchen at Public House, the upscale and spacious pub belonging to the Bertrand Group (L'Alsace, Bofinger...), decorated across three floors by the inspired Laura Gonzalez. It's a guarantee of a place with great potential for an exotic experience. On the menu, expect scotch eggs, vegetable or meat pies (the chef's specialty), and obligatory sticky toffee puddings. Can't wait!

Public House, 28 Rue Daunou, Paris 2nd. Opening in mid-February.

© Public House - Natalia Khoroshaieva et John Carey


altro frenchie

Influenced by Anglo-Saxon flavors, chef Greg Marchand, who delighted us for years with his high-end street food at Frenchie to Go, is preparing for a highly anticipated return to the gastronomic scene with a new Italian restaurant. Forget the traditional trattoria; Altro Frenchie aims to break the mold, offering modern Italian cuisine with top-notch fresh pasta and irresistible gelato!

Altro Frenchie, 9 Rue du Nil, Paris 2nd. Expected to open in April.

© Altro Frenchie - Geraldine Martens


qasti green

Alan Geaam continues to delight us! The Lebanese chef showcases his Levantine specialties in a 100% plant-based version, just steps away from Palais Brongniart. Indulge in a feast of irresistible mezzes, featuring labneh, fried cauliflower, celery and mushroom shawarma, halloumi rolls, and the unbeatable Bachir's ashta ice cream. In short: a paradise for veggies.

Qasti Green, 41 Rue des Jeûneurs, Paris 2nd. Open since early January.

© Emanuela Cino



We love stories of inseparable couples working together to create something delightful. Let's focus on the Italian lovers Cecilia Spurio and Eugenio Anfuso, a pastry chef and a chef, respectively, who met at Korus and are about to open their first gourmet restaurant near Folie-Méricourt. Codename: Amâlia. Why should you take note of this? Because their journey (Astrance, Guy Savoy, Ambroisie, Pierre Gagnaire...) promises plates that are truly remarkable.

Amâlia, 32 Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, Paris 11th. Opening expected in February.

© Amâlia

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